I have once again started listening to the science of getting rich cds that I purchased and was reminded of the grateful attitude.  See right now, especially around Christmas, it is so easy to maybe focus on what one doesn’t have or what one can’t do or can’t get for their kids that we forget all that we have to be grateful for.  I have so many things to be grateful for…..I have a loving family, both my family and my husbands family live close by and we can visit them anytime we choose.  My whole family is very healty and doing well.  My kids are great kids, even tho one is 15 and one is 10, I have yet to see those “bad teenage years” that so many talk about.  Now I think this is a KEY – I have always said “I have great kids and I try to never speak in a negative manner about them.”  I believe that you attract what you say!  Back to the book, it also taught me that focusing on what I didn’t want to happen in my life actually brought it into my life.  Now before anyone gets to wondering, I am a born again spirit filled believer, in love with Jesus, and I believe that God, the Father, is the giver of all good things.  So I know who to be grateful to….  I also think that with my actions and attitudes I open the door for the things that I want to happen and the things that I don’t.    If you want to check out the book go to and download it for free.  It will definately give you some things to think about.

Also please feel free to check out David’s blog for some great tips and to ask questions you may have.

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