Happy Valentines Day

Just wanted to take time and say

valentines day graphics 10 Happy Valentines Day

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Remember to send that someone special a card today. 

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Are you generating leads and then not following up?

As part of the Atlanta home inspectors team, I go around to different real estate offices and I was speaking to an agent the other day who is having a wonderful carreal estate agent uid 1338093 crop 300x300 Are you generating leads and then not following up?eer.  She is closing sales and generating new business and leads like crazy.  Things are definately rocking and rolling right along for her.  I was nearly floored when she that she just does not have time to follow-up on all these leads.  But then, if you’re a business that is generating leads on a regular basis then we all suffer from this problem at one time or another, right?

Can you imagine how much business is slipping through your fingers because you don’t have time or simply don’t have a system in place to keep in touch or follow-up?  Does this sound like you?

Needless to say, if you did realize the importance and the business you could be missing then perhaps we should talk…

What I would like to know is do you have a marketing plan in place, a place where you can see your plan layed out, a system in place for lead generation, follow-up and keep in touch? Do you use an easy to use email system that keeps you in front of your clients?  Do you do this consistantly?  Is it part of your marketing plan?  And do you feel that you don’t have time or that these tasks are taking up time from other tasks you could be doing?  How much of this have you automated?

For more information on any of these systems, how they can help you get ahead of your competition, or perhaps how to implement them into your small business practices, contact me or let’s get together and start making plans now to be extremely busy in 2010. 

Call me today at 404-788-2580 and let’s talk! I look forward to helping you any way I can!

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Atlanta home inspectors wife says “Staying in touch = More Business!

There are so many different ways to stay in touch now days, including different social media platforms. Even large Fortune 500 companies are jumping on the band wagon of Twitter. Now days you have to stay in touch with the consumer and you have to do it online and offline. I love Facebook and and Ping.fm to stay in touch online and of course email is still an option!  Are you using all the tools out there to keep you in touch.  Are you connecting with your clients and their friends on Facebook?  Are you posting video testimonials on YouTube?  Are you blogging about your day and your business on your blog?   Do you send out Thank You notes to your clients, referral sources and those you meet? These are just a few of the places that you can get connected through.  Put something to use today, you’ll be glad you did. 

I am the wife of a busy Atlanta home inspector and I do most of the marketing for our home inspection business.  I am constantly online learning about SEO, social network marketing, blogging, Google adwords and anything relating to the internet.  I teach classes and tele-seminars about blogging and social media.  I am part of an Internet Success Marketing Mastermind group and love helping people in general.  You can follow me on Twitter and on Face book.

share save 171 16 Atlanta home inspectors wife says Staying in touch = More Business!